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In our experience, the 3 biggest asset valuation headaches are:

  • Uncomfortable challenges from your Auditor

  • Impenetrable accounting and valuation standards

  • Achieving the right balance between consistency and Valuer judgement


The Asset Valuation Circle is here to help you with those 3 headaches, and more.



  • How to eliminate your asset valuation headaches. 

  • What it means to look forward to a pain free asset valuation audit. 

  • The most unique, comprehensive, flexible and versatile asset valuation training platform anywhere!


Who is the Asset Valuation Circle for?

Asset valuation just got easier.  Designed by experts in local authority asset valuation, the Asset Valuation Circle provides an online training package for all those involved in local authority asset valuation.

In this new era of transparency in public sector finance, there is a greater need than ever before for more accurate and reliable asset valuations. The Asset Valuation Circle is here to help councils ensure they have the right experts in place to deliver timely and accurate asset valuations.

We have structured the content of the Asset Valuation Circle to suit anyone that might be involved in the process of undertaking, managing and commissioning local authority asset valuations.

The Asset Valuation Circle is a unique online training package providing everything you need to know about local authority asset valuation. Levels of knowledge range from foundation and competency to mastery.

It is a training portal with the perfect combination of fully flexible pre-recorded training alongside regular LIVE training.

The Asset Valuation Circle is also a professional online learning community. It brings together best practice approaches to asset valuation and delivers them through an interactive online community, enabling you to build your skills and enhance your CV.

Asset valuation training and interaction with the Asset Valuation Circle will give you the edge you need, to tackle the constantly increasing regulatory compliance challenges.

The Asset Valuation Circle will give you the knowledge to confidently and effectively value your assets, along with the confidence to push yourself beyond any fear of being wrong. We believe that with the Asset Valuation Circle at your side, you’ll be equipped to tackle the most complex of asset valuation challenges.

So don’t delay and enroll in The Asset Valuation Circle today.

The training is perfect for:

  • Asset Valuers, whatever their level of knowledge.
  • Asset Valuers that are new to asset valuations, whether through internal redeployment or coming into local government for the first time.
  • Capital Accountants that oversee or commission asset valuations and have dealings with Auditors.
  • Finance Officers that are either new to local government, or new to Capital Accounting.
  • Commissioners of asset valuations, either from internal or external Valuers.
  • Team Leaders or Managers with asset valuation oversight, that want to understand more about the process you are responsible for.
  • Members of Business Support or the Database team that want to understand about the process that Valuers and Accountants have to go through.
  • Graduate Surveyors that are going through their APC.

The training is structured within three tiers of competency, all of which will be available for you.  (Scroll further down the page for more information on these three tiers)

Who will be delivering the training?

All our training is researched, prepared and delivered by Chris Brain.

Chris is widely known and respected for his knowledge and expertise in local authority asset valuation. He is the leading UK expert in local authority asset valuation.

Chris has been delivering asset valuation support and training to the local government sector for over 10 YEARS.  In that time he has trained over 2,500 PEOPLE in asset valuation.  He has been a member of the RICS Public Sector Asset Valuation Group for over 10 years, and was on the author group for the most recent RICS guidance on Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC) valuations. Chris has also been asked to co-author new RICS guidance on Existing Use Value (EUV) valuations, which will be published in 2022.

Chris is Valuation Liaison Officer to ACES Council.

There really is no-one else out there delivering asset valuation training with anything like the experience that Chris is able to offer, and in such a unique and accessible way.

It will be a 'no holds barred' training, rooted in the practicality and reality of asset valuation. If you have every attended any of Chris' asset valuation training, you will know what we mean.  Chris prides himself on converting complex principles into easy to understand concepts.

Chris Brain's bio:

  • 40+ years in and around local government
  • 24 years in local government
  • 17 years as Senior Consultant and Property Training & Standards Manager at CIPFA
  • 10 years delivering CIPFA asset valuation events and training
  • Trained over 2,500 people in asset valuation across the UK
  • Joint author of CIPFA asset valuation handbook
  • 10 years on RICS PSVG (including 9 years as CIPFA representative)
  • Red Book drafting and amendments
  • Member of working group and editorial panel for RICS DRC guidance
  • Co-author of new RICS guidance on EUV valuations for 2022
  • Former member of the RICS UK & Ireland World Region Board
  • Valuation Liaison Officer to ACES Council.


Allow Chris to deliver you from your asset valuation misery!


Payment Methods


Our preferred payment method is credit card, which you can do from this website.  Simply choose which level of subscription you would like, click the relevant 'Buy Now' button and this will take you to a checkout page where you will need to enter your contact and credit card details.

Once you have gone through checkout your membership will start.  Remember though that the content of the Asset Valuation Circle does not go live until January 2021.


Many of you will not have the ability to pay by credit card, and will need an invoice so that you can make a BACS transfer.

This is not a problem at all.  Simply decide which level of subscription you would like and email us at: [email protected]

We will then generate an invoice and email this to you, so that you can make payment. This means you cannot get instant access today, and your membership of the Asset Valuation Circle will commence once we have received your payment.

These are the Local Authority Prices only...

These rates are available ONLY to Local Authorities and Local Authority owned Companies.

If you are a private sector organisation then these rates are NOT available to you.

If you wish to join the Asset Valuation Circle and you are NOT a Local Authority or Local Authority owned Company, then you are certainly very welcome.  Please email us to express interest and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.  Please email [email protected]

(NB: If you are not a Local Authority or a Local Authority owned Company and either deliberately or inadvertently purchase from this page your membership will be cancelled and all monies refunded to you.)

1 Place Subscription

£297 +VAT

Top features

  • Minimum 30 hours of pre-recorded online training
  • MINIMUM 4 LIVE Asset Valuation Labs per year
  • MONTHLY live Asset Valuation Surgeries
  •  Online CHAT ROOM
  • UNLIMITED emails through our Asset Valuation Hotline
  • Timely valuation alerts




3 Place Subscription

£825 +VAT

Top Features

  • Minimum 30 hours of pre-recorded online training
  • MINIMUM 4 LIVE Asset Valuation Labs per year
  • MONTHLY live Asset Valuation Surgeries
  •  Online CHAT ROOM
  • UNLIMITED emails through our Asset Valuation Hotline
  • Timely valuation alerts
  • 5% discount on our Asset Valuation Desktop Audit*

8 Place Subscription

£1,760 +VAT

Top features

  • Minimum 30 hours of pre-recorded online training
  • MINIMUM 4 LIVE Asset Valuation Labs per year
  • MONTHLY live Asset Valuation Surgeries
  •  Online CHAT ROOM
  • UNLIMITED emails through our Asset Valuation Hotline
  • Timely valuation alerts
  • 10% discount on our Asset Valuation Desktop Audit*

Everything you need to develop your mastery of local authority asset valuation - all in one place!


Do you know that you can improve your chances of achieving a pain free end of year audit by training everyone up on asset valuation?

Do you ever wonder why it is that you experience valuation audit issues?

Is it something that you or your team are doing, or not doing?

It all boils down to 3 things.


Yes, just 3 things!



...ensuring that everyone involved in your asset valuations is doing everything to comply with the valuation and accounting standards.


...ensuring that everyone involved in your asset valuations is working to the same robust standards and methods.


...ensuring that every action, opinion and conclusion is evidence based.


That begs the question: How do you ensure that you adopt an approach that demonstrates compliance, consistency and confidence?

The answer of course is the 

Asset Valuation Circle


By joining the Asset Valuation Circle you will have 24/7 access to all our online asset valuation training modules.  Nobody else offers that!

You don't get to just watch the training once.  You can pause, rewind and watch again.  In fact you can watch it again and again, as many times as you like during your subscription.

This means it's always there for you.  Simply watch one of the training modules - which are in digestible bite-sized chunks

You can dip in and revisit as many times as you like.  And because they are in short bite-sized chunks you will not have to wade through hours of video to find the information or help that you need.

NO LONG HOURS - just short sharp training sessions that will leave absolutely no stone on the topic unturned.


Will the training be at the right level for me?

Everybody comes to asset valuation with a different background and level of knowledge.  That is why we have divided the training modules into three levels - Foundation, Competence and Mastery

Whatever your starting point there is something to meet your training needs.  All three levels are available to all subscribers.

If you have an individual subscription you can work your way through the levels or jump around, whichever suits you best.

If you have a group subscription, with people at different levels of knowledge or competence then this three tier structure is just what you need.  Those that are new will not get swamped in complex issues until they feel ready.  Those with more knowledge can jump ahead to the Competency or Mastery level straight away. 

The Asset Valuation Circle is truly everything for everyone.

It doesn't matter if you are searching for the simple or the complex, the Asset Valuation Circle has it all in one place.

Below you can see examples of the sort of content you can expect to see within each of the three levels.

FOUNDATION LEVEL: This will provide you with a firm foundation on the basics of local authority asset valuation.  These foundations are crucial to later training modules.  At this level we will be covering:

  • The regulatory framework

  • Asset categories and basis of value

  • Asset Valuation for Accountants

  • DRC and EUV overview

  • Housing stock valuation overview

  • IFRS13 Fair Value overview

  • Leases overview

  • Depreciable amount

COMPETENCE LEVEL: This training level will move you on from the foundation level, by developing some of the foundation thinking and applying it to practical situations.  We will also be going into more detail on certain aspects of asset valuation.  This will cover areas such as:

  • Material accuracy

  • Valuation frequency

  • Practical application of IFRS 16

  • The modern equivalent asset in DRC

  • Practical issues with EUV

  • Fair Value hierarchy

  • Practical application of IFRS 13

MASTERY LEVEL: At this upper training level, we will take you from simple competence with deep dives into real and practical asset valuations challenges and scenarios.  This level will cover areas such as:

  • Understanding obsolescence in DRC

  • Where componentisation goes wrong

  • IFRS13 disclosures

  • Preparing for audit

  • Valuation moderation

  • Commissioning external valuers

  • Achieving valuation consistency

  • PLUS a wide range of thought provoking worked examples, where we apply the theory into practical scenarios


Training on the go!

On your laptop, tablet or mobile device.  Watch, pause, rewind and watch again and again when it suits you and your busy schedule best.


LIVE labs and surgeries

At least 4 Labs per year, plus monthly surgery sessions discussing all the latest in asset valuation, including tricky valuation scenarios, latest standards, and LIVE Q&As.


Email Hotline

Need some quick help with a particular asset valuation challenge?  Simply drop us an email and we will see if we can help.


You are bound to have some questions.  That's quite understandable.  After all, you are spending public money.

We have put together our Top 12 Questions for you below.  We hope that these will answer most of the questions you are likely to have. 

Just click on the button below for the answers. 

  1. I understand the theory, will I get help with the practical application?
  2. What if I have rather unique challenges?
  3. Is the Asset Valuation Circle ONLY for valuers?
  4. How much training is there in the portal?
  5. How do I access all the online benefits?
  6. What if team members change?
  7. Can we share the password access around the team? 
  8. When is access available? 
  9. What does it cost?
  10. What if I need access for more than 8 people?
  11. How do we pay?
  12. How long is membership for?

If you have any other questions, not covered in the above list, then please do feel free to email us at [email protected].

Answers to our Top 12 Questions

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